the adventure begins
July 23-25
The quick scoop:
  • Families are welcome (Ages 10+).
  • Private Ranch near Cascade, Idaho
  • Tent and RV spots available
  • Admission limited to first 100.
  • $25 per person or $75 per family.
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Billy Molls
Unmute the video to hear Billy's story!
Unmute the video to hear Billy's story!
What's this?
This is an awesome opportunity for you to get away (with your family, if you'd like) to refocus your life on things Christ says are important. This isn't meant to be just a recreation time. This is meant to be a turning point in your life that you can look back on where you decided to finally make those changes you've been talking about.

The organizers are men just like you who have access to awesome speakers and awesome properties who want to use them to help men step up and lead well.

Don't worry, there is no hard sale. There is no time-share to buy at the end. This is simply an opportunity. What you make of it will be completely up to you!

We hope you'll join us! Register above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below!
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